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Browse our comprehensive collection of educational resources. No matter your level of experience, the child’s age or level of speech-language proficiency, you’ll find comprehensive guidance.
Our materials cover various stages of child development, from infant to school-aged, and they’re easy to use as children progress in their skills. Our rating forms use the same marking system, making it simple to move between tools to target different skills. To serve as many professionals in this discipline as possible, we’re proud to offer the majority of our content for free.
Our team also provides customized workshops and services. If you’re unable to find a resource you need, or you have an idea for a new offering, please contact us. You can also find some of our resources translated into Spanish.


If you’re new to the field or looking for a complete educational program, start here. Our kits include robust curricula with manuals, activities and evaluation forms you can customize to the fit the needs of the children you serve. These tools are developed by multidisciplinary teams of teachers, parent educators, EI specialists and speech-language pathologists to provide the best content for teaching children who are deaf and hard of hearing to listen and talk. You can order directly from this website or you can send a purchase order to


Access our expert-led courses anytime, anywhere for FREE. Each course is designed to help you achieve specific learning outcomes to better identify challenges, plan lessons, complete activities and report progress for each individual child. Browse everything from the fundamentals of deaf education to advanced speech and language learning techniques.

If you require continuing education credit or a certificate of completion, a small processing fee will apply. If you represent a group or district with continuing education needs, check out our Group Pricing.


Get unlimited free access to diagrams, checklists and templates designed to help parents, supporters and teachers of the deaf to understand hearing loss, assess skills and improve listening and language techniques.


These short, informational videos offer basic, practical advice to anyone who supports a child with hearing loss. We recommend sharing these videos with professional colleagues or parents.



In-person and virtual workshops provide hands-on training on specific frameworks and curricula for SLPs, teachers of the deaf and other professionals. We also offer on-site in-services for classmates and educational teams.


Get customized consultations, coaching and guided classroom observations from our expert team designed to help teachers, administrators and school districts best serve the needs of children with hearing loss.


More LSL Resources

See additional information and useful links from leading organizations and other experts in the deaf education space.


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