Preview: Auditory Training for Vowel and Consonant Perception Skills

Auditory Training for Vowel and Consonant Perception Skills

Audience: Teachers of the deaf, special education classroom teachers, itinerants, pediatric speech-language pathologists

Auditory Training for Vowel and Consonant Perception Skills is the third course in a series of four self-paced courses created to save teachers and SLPs time in helping children ages 2 – 12 develop fundamental auditory skills using the CID Speech Perception Instructional Curriculum and Evaluation, or SPICE. Vowel and consonant perception is the third goal in the systematic application of the curriculum.

This course builds on Courses 1 and 2 of our four-part series on SPICE. After a child who is deaf or hard of hearing can detect speech, he is ready to develop vowel and consonant perception skills (along with suprasegmental skills covered in Course 2). Even if you don’t have the SPICE materials, you can apply the concepts and principles covered in this series.

This course covers a framework of strategies, goals, objectives and activities geared to helping children move from perceiving differences in words of varying stress and intonation that differ only in their vowels and consonants. The CID SPICE curriculum moves from gross to finer discrimination tasks while offering a rich set of activities you can tailor to the needs of each child according to his age, interests and abilities.

The course includes classroom video so you can see effective teaching practices in action.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate a child’s vowel and consonant perception abilities.
  • Describe considerations for designing vowel and consonant perception lessons for children of different ages and abilities.
  • Describe strategies to teach vowel and consonant perception skills.

Length:  Approximately 30 minutes

Continuing Education Credits

ASHA CEU disclaimer Intro 0 05

.5 LSLS CEUs, AG Bell Academy

Disclosure Statement





Financial: At the time this course was produced, Ms. Manley was the Associate Coordinator of the Emerson Center for Professional Development at CID – Central Institute for the Deaf.

Non-financial: Ms. Manley is the author of the SPICE 2nd Edition (Speech Perception Instructional Curriculum and Evaluation) auditory training curriculum. CID holds the copyright to the SPICE 2nd Edition. Ms. Manley receives no royalties or financial benefit from its sale.

CID – Central Institute for the Deaf has developed and published an auditory learning curriculum trademarked as SPICE (Speech Perception Instructional Curriculum and Evaluation). This presentation will focus on the SPICE auditory learning curriculum and evaluation, and will include limited information on similar or related products.


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