CID TAGS manual and 5 of each TAGS forms (1,2 and 3)


CID TAGS: Teacher Assessment of Grammatical Structures Starter Kit

The CID Teacher Assessment of Grammatical Structures (TAGS) is a series of three rating forms developed to evaluate a child’s understanding and use of the grammatical structures of English. The rating forms provide a representation of grammatical structures for children with hearing loss who develop grammatical structures in smaller increments and at slower rates compared to children who are typically developing. The grammatical structures listed are organized into three levels: TAGS-1, TAGS-2 and TAGS-3. The TAGS rating forms enable teachers to:

  • determine present levels of syntax skills
  • determine syntax goals for IEPs and lessons
  • track syntax development over time
  • report syntax progress to parents and other professionals

This starter kit is a guide to using the new, revised CID TAGS system for teaching and tracking receptive and expressive language development in children who are deaf and hard of hearing. It includes one TAGS manual and 5 each of three TAGS forms.

Based on the classic by Jean Moog and Victoria Kozak-Robinson, revised by Ellie White in 2014.

Supplement your purchase with training for the TAGS Starter Kit! Visit our workshop page to see how CID staff can support you or your team with local and long distance training options, or watch our free online course Getting Your Feet Wet with TAGS.

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