If you’re in charge of professional development opportunities for your school, district or organization, and you have 16 or more professionals who require continuing education credit and or certificates of completion, a CID online course group view is for you.

CID courses are free to view; however, a $19 CID processing fee is normally charged for ASHA continuing education credits, LSLS continuing education credits and certificates of completion. By purchasing a group view, you are in fact purchasing a shareable voucher that will allow all of your group members to waive the CID processing fee after viewing a course so they can secure their credits and certificate.

A single group purchase for one course is $300, however a 10% discount is applied when you buy multiple group view courses together:

No. of Courses Purchased Discounted Price
2 $540
3 $810
4 $1,080
5 $1,350
6 $1,620

Group organizers can scroll down for additional information on vouchers. If your group has fewer than 16 individuals or your large group does not need continuing education credits and/or certificates, we recommend registering for courses on our main course page here

Group Courses

Group Organizer Additional Instructions

  • For each course purchased, you will receive an email with a voucher code and an address to access the course.
  • Share the voucher code and course link with your group in advance. Members will need to register their information before a course in order to access the content.
  • Inform your members that CEUs/certificates will require a voucher code in order to waive the CID processing fee at the end of the course.
  • Voucher codes expire 120 days from the date issued. Members who do not need CEUs/certificates do not need to use a voucher code.
  • In order to take advantage of CEU credits, group members need to be certified ASHA members and/or AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Specialists.
  • Upon completion of a course, group members will receive the appropriate CEU paperwork and/or certificates via email.
  • If your group is watching the course together and wishes to receive CEUs and/or certificates, members must still register for the courses on their own via the CID website and complete the quiz and course evaluation at the end. They must then use the voucher code to waive the processing fees. 

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