56 full-color pages, softcover

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Simple Sensational Science: Projects for Preschoolers

CID preschool teachers and parents use Simple Sensational Science to engage children with language and the world by making science fun and meaningful. The experiments in this book can be shared with most preschoolers, whether or not their hearing is impaired. The benefits of sharing Simple Sensational Science with a student include:

  • giving a preschooler a foundation for learning science through early exposure to science concepts and language
  • exploring the world with a sense of wonder and purpose
  • sharing hands-on experiences that require creativity, curiosity and thinking about the environment
  • discovering a world rich with diversity and language
  • learning to accomplish tasks from start to finish
  • opportunities to succeed and develop a positive attitude about learning
  • preschoolers proud to display their accomplishments and talk about the work that went into them

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