Assessing the Syntax Skills of Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Using the CID TAGS


Course Description: This intermediate level course was developed to teach speech-language pathologists and teachers of the deaf methods to assess their students’ understanding and use of grammatical structures by using the CID TAGS. Topics include understanding the levels of competence; how to collect language samples; understanding the variations among the TAGS forms and how to choose the appropriate TAGS level. This 3.5 hour course includes lecture, video demonstrations and hands-on practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the four levels of competence in syntax development
  • Identify methods for collecting language samples
  • Describe the progression of syntax skills represented through the TAGS system
  • Determine how to choose the appropriate TAGS level for their student(s)


Asynchronous Workshops for Groups: Our workshops are pre-recorded by our CID professionals and allow your group the convenience and flexibility to fit your schedule. You will get access to the pre-recorded TAGS workshop for two weeks.

  • The TAGS asynchronous workshop includes:
    • 3.5 hours pre-recorded presentation time
    • Continuing Education Unit options available for up to 25 individuals
    • Certificates of completion
    • One free hour of follow-up consultation for your group (optional)
    • $500 per workshop (Unlimited number of views)

*If you have questions about workshop options, contact Abby Zoia.





Abby Zoia, MS, CED, LSLS Cert. AVEd
Financial: Ms. Zoia is the Director of Professional Development at CID – Central Institute for the Deaf.
Non-financial: No relevant non-financial relationship exists.


Continuing Education Credit(s)

ASHA CEU disclaimer Intermediate 0 35

Ag Bell

3.5 LSLS CEUs, AG Bell Academy



CID-Central Institute for the Deaf has developed and published a series of rating forms developed to evaluate a child’s understanding and use of the grammatical structures of English, trademarked as TAGS. This presentation will focus on the TAGS system and will include limited or no information on related products.




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