From our classroom to yours: Books that feature characters with hearing loss

In honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month, we asked our teachers, speech-language pathologists and audiologists to share their favorite books that feature characters who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Here are some of their favorite titles:




Elana’s Ears, or How I Became the Best Big Sister in the World

By: Gloria Roth Lowell

When Lacey realizes her baby sister, Elana, cannot hear she vows to become the best big sister by becoming Elana’s ears. Early childhood-early elementary
Let’s Hear it for Almigal

By: Wendy Kupfer

Almigal can’t wait to hear every sound in the universe thanks to her new cochlear implants, but she is most excited to hear her parents whisper to her at bedtime. Early childhood-early elementary
Sophie’s Tales: Learning to Listen

By: Melanie Paticoff

Sophie is a dog with hearing loss embarking on a journey to receive a cochlear implant. Early childhood-early elementary
Sophie’s Tales: Overcoming Obstacles

By: Melanie Paticoff

In the second book in the Sophie’s Tales series, Sophie learns to navigate life with a cochlear implant. Early childhood-early elementary
Harmony Hears a Hoot

By: Fara Augustover

Harmony is an owl with hearing aids who teaches her classmates all about having a hearing loss. Early childhood-early elementary
Emma Every Day

By: CL Reid

This series of four books focuses on Emma, a young girl with a cochlear implant using American Sign Language to communicate. Elementary
Zola Gets Hearing Aids

By: Narita Snead

Zola visits the audiologist and is worried about her classmates’ reaction to her new hearing aids. Elementary
Zola’s Teachable Moment

By: Narita Snead

Zola’s teacher has assigned her a project: to teach her classmates about any topic. Zola is nervous about choosing the right topic but soon discovers what she can teach her friends that will make a difference. Elementary
Making a New Friend (Stories of Maya and Sid)

By: Akhand Dugar

Maya is a young girl who wears cochlear implants and teaches her friend, Sid, all about hearing and how cochlear implants work. Elementary
El Deafo

By: Cece Bell and Harry Abrams

This illustrated novel features CeCe, a girl who loses her hearing at the age of four. Now, she must learn how to navigate the world with her Phonic Ear hearing aid. Elementary-middle school
Rally Caps

By: Stephen Cutler

Two boys, one with cochlear implants, meet at a summer camp and inspire each other to remember that anything is possible. Elementary-middle school
Hearing Our Way Magazine

Founded by Melanie Paticoff, author of the Sophie’s Tales book series

This quarterly magazine for kids and teens with hearing loss features relatable role models and strategies that focus on listening, language and self-advocacy skills. Elementary-high school


Reading stories that feature characters with hearing loss, or any other difference, is a great way to celebrate the concepts of diversity and inclusion for all students.

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