Troubleshooting hearing devices for students with hearing loss

A previous blog topic covered the basic components of hearing devices but what do you do when a student comes to you and says their hearing aid/cochlear implant isn’t working? It’s helpful to have a few tools in your tool bag to troubleshoot the device.  Watch these short quick tip video clips to help you work out the problem. The next time a student comes to you with a device issue, you’ll have more tools to help you figure out the problem and fix it before contacting parents or the pediatric audiologist!





Jennifer Manley served as a classroom teacher for students ages 3 to 12 at CID – Central Institute for the Deaf. She currently works in professional development giving presentations on auditory development and is co-author of CID SPICE for Life, an auditory learning curriculum and author of the 2nd edition of CID SPICE.

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