Apps and websites to support listening and spoken language

Keeping kids entertained, especially over the summer, can be a challenge. Most parents want to limit screen time, but some time spent in front of a device is inevitable! Thankfully there are some apps and websites designed to help children work on a wide range of skills, including listening and language, while also having fun. Here is a list of some of our favorites.


Mental Up!This website offers a variety of interactive memory activities, including auditory memory games with numbers and words.

Storyline Online Listen to popular actors read your favorite children’s books. After the book is finished, ask your child questions about the story to assess their listening comprehension.

San Francisco Symphony KidsUse the Music Lab to help your child learn musical terms such as “tempo” and “rhythm” and also let them listen to a variety of instruments.

Angel Sound Download this free website and engage your child in a variety of activities that focus on listening in noise.

Pacific Digital VideoHelp your child identify a wide range of sound effects, including nature sounds, sounds around the house and more.

Boggle’s WorldThis website features a variety of language games, including several that target role-playing and the language needed to navigate these scenarios successfully.

My Play HomeThis app allows children to move people and objects throughout an interactive dollhouse, complete with sound effects.  Use it to work on vocabulary, following directions and identifying environmental sounds. 


These are just a few of a wide collection of apps and websites designed to both entertain and educate children. Please share with us any others that you and your child enjoy!

List compiled by the teaching staff at CID – Central Institute for the Deaf.

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